Let Baking Commence

Back in the early days with Wild Daughter I got really into my baking and cake decorating, so much so I baked and blogged over at wildaboutbaking.wordpress.com. Then she became a Toddler, I became pregnant, pregnancy became Wild Son and Mummy got a bit busy and poor old wildaboutbaking got neglected.

Well, time to put that right… now she can get involved too, surely now there will be time for baking once more.

Let baking commence….

We begin with Chocolate Rice Krispie Cakes 🙂


1. Put on Gruffalo Tabard Apron and mix Rice Krispies into melted chocolate.


2. Place mixture into paper cases (this was the easy bit, persuading her not to put it there via her mouth first took a little work).


Yes, now you can eat it.


We all know this is the best bit


They work very well with a nice glass of milk

Success!  I only had to slightly detour from convention by putting them in the cold oven to “cook” so that she wouldn’t eat them all straight away. Next time I think we will work up to proper oven based biscuit baking.



Magic Moments – A week of firsts

First Big Girls Bed, first proper pyjamas, first haircut for Wild Daughter

First trip to IKEA, first tastes, first night out of Moses basket for Wild Son

First step outside into garden of the New House for Wild Cat

First sit down all week for Mummy!


so here’s the one first I managed to capture in all that;


First toast eating (alas I failed to capture first broccoli eating – boy that was a fun mess)


This post is linked up to magic moments on theoliversmadhouse.co.uk

This post is linked up to Magic Moments on theoliversmadhouse.co.uk