Home-made paint and lid printing

Slide1I finally took the plunge to do painting at home

so preparing the area with a throw cloth,

preparing Wild Daughter with a coverall apron,

preparing her requested pink and purple paints,


preparing her lids for printing in the style of Mr Maker,


I let her loose 🙂



I made my home-made paint to see if I could get a good edible paint that will enable both advanced painting and smearing all over Wild Son so he can soon get in on the action too.

Home-made paint;

Plain Flour (aprox. 250g)

teaspoon salt

teaspoon baking powder

mix the above ingredients and gradually add water to whisk up a thick (but pourable batter).

add food colouring to taste

microwave 15-30secs to puff the paint up a little bit

I made far too much for the painting session as all was required was a small splodge in a tray.


So I went a step further the day after and we did printing with carrot-tops cut into shapes.



The batter like paint (which didn’t really puff well in my old microwave that doesn’t turn) worked lovely for squidgy printing. There are lots of recipes out there to get it just right  (search microwave puffy paint) but even throwing it together in the manner I did worked a treat. It dried quite flaky so isn’t for long lasting pictures but as her pictures are not really keepers this was fine for us… and I quite liked the grainy like appearance it gave when it dried. We will be doing this again.



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