One week today…

…We will be waking up in our new house. I am very excited. I am starting to make lists. I even have a list of lists-to-make! I am feeling relatively relaxed about it, after all we have decided to get the movers in to do the packing for us the day before. I expect it will be at the other end that the stress will happen when I don’t know what has been packed and where. However, I thought packing with a toddler who would unpack everything the minute you have done it was not going to work.

I am going to put together a box of entertainment for Wild Daughter so that on move day when we get into the new house I can sit her down and occupy her while I direct the removals men.

Only 6 more sleeps… 🙂


One thought on “One week today…

  1. What a great idea to make a box of activities to keep her entertained! We moved when my son was around 11 months and had just started taking his first steps…it was a bit hectic but he took everything in his stride. I hope it goes well and you are happy in the new house xx

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