Magic Moments

This is hopefully one of a regular post I will make… documenting the magic moments with my Wild little ones. They wont be the big moments. They will be the little moments, the ones you will forget, but the ones that make your heart melt when they happen.

This week it has been Wild Son trying out the baby walker for the first time and his big sister’s excitement at a new baby toy to play with. This involved getting on the back and saying “All Aboard the bus”. Wild Son is now rolling over and in just a few days practice has got the hang of keeping himself upright in the baby walker.


The other melting-moments have been Grandma’s visit and the ability she has to make them giggle.





Draw With Me

I have been inspired. I came across a new linky challenge on This Mummy Loves called Draw With Me. It got me thinking about my own daughters blossoming drawing skills. She loves to crayon. Just last week she drew her first attempted picture of her Daddy’s face and for the first time I noticed her attempting near-perfect circles in the right places for eyes. It feels like just yesterday she was just scribbling away and learning how to hold a crayon.  It is moving into drawing now and becoming much more definite.

I got thinking…..

Wouldn’t it be nice to document her blossoming skills. So while my daughters drawings might just be crazy messes to others, I can see skills emerging from the mess.  So, I thought this might be the incentive I need if I joined up to a monthly challenge. So let’s see how it goes, hopefully we wont get disqualified for not being able to make head nor tail of the drawings and they will take us with them on their challenge – perhaps I can issue a challenge back… Guess what this picture is? 🙂

So the month of October had the drawing theme of Halloween. As she has not really experienced a Halloween properly before I decided to be a bit more specific with her and we decided to draw Witches. She has seen Witches in the Each Peach Pear Plum book and her current favorite is watching Room on a Broom and reading the wonderful book.

Room on a broom

She also has Witch dress up clothes and a toy broom and props to re-enact the story so I thought this would be a great one for her.

Witch dress up

So one afternoon we sat down and attempted to draw Witches.

drawing witchescrayoning

Here is the final masterpiece. I feel a little bit like a mother having done her child’s homework for her as she didn’t quite draw her own witch. She REALLY didn’t want to use a black crayon at all. I think it is obvious which bits are hers, although my witches obviously leave a lot to be desired.






One week today…

…We will be waking up in our new house. I am very excited. I am starting to make lists. I even have a list of lists-to-make! I am feeling relatively relaxed about it, after all we have decided to get the movers in to do the packing for us the day before. I expect it will be at the other end that the stress will happen when I don’t know what has been packed and where. However, I thought packing with a toddler who would unpack everything the minute you have done it was not going to work.

I am going to put together a box of entertainment for Wild Daughter so that on move day when we get into the new house I can sit her down and occupy her while I direct the removals men.

Only 6 more sleeps… 🙂