Moving house with a toddler

Our house move is imminent and I am starting to think about how best to prepare our 2 year old for the transition. We have managed to keep Wild Daughter in her cot with the sides on up until now and we have started telling her that in the New House she will have a big girls bed. We have been given a cot bed by a friend and I have just purchased a duvet (she is still in her gro-bag which is all that’s stopping her climbing out currently) and pillow along with a Gro clock sleep trainer. There is much discussion going on between us on how we do this… do we put her in her familiar travel cot for a night or two to get used to the new house and then put up the “Big Girls Bed” in her new room and move straight into that. Do we put her in her old cot and change once she is used to the new house. Do we put up both beds and let her choose. She does deal quite well with change I think – if we put the right spin on it! We are probably thinking of the travel cot and straight into the “Big Girls Bed” she is getting excited about. If I put her current cot in we then have to cross the transition into the “Big Girls Bed” once she is settled in and it will go straight to her little brother then. He has another few weeks before things get desperate for him in the out-growing his moses basket stakes.

I was reading that perhaps taking Wild Daughter round each room to say goodbye, perhaps having her decorate a box for the move and have her put her most important things she wants in and have it there the moment we move in…

Any other advice greatly received…


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