Draw with me – February


Gosh I haven’t done very well on this blogging lark! Wild son has started walking … Well not quite, at 9 months he has all the confidence of a toddler without the ability to make it safely across a room. I am therefore spending all my time hovering behind him and picking him up when he falls. No time for much else.

However Wild Daughter and I found time at nap time to sit and draw her current favourite teddy… The Teletubbies. At 2 1/2 she’s pretty old for it but found some teletubbie dolls at our local playgroup and latched onto them. Here is her (abstract) drawingdrawwithme


A house to decorate

We have moved into a wonderful new house, with wonderful oodles of new space to fill! Oh what a wonderful time I can have planning it all…

it needs…

new kitchen

new bathrooms

new decoration throughout

.. And we’re starting with the kids bedrooms. Ikea furniture trip done (review to follow). Decoration now to ponder.

I want something colourful and fun in their rooms. Wild Daughters room is white and now with white furniture and so will need something…. Perhaps a painted vibrant wall, a murial of some kind (I can’t paint).. A Pinterest board is calling!


Draw with me – Christmas

This month we are drawing Christmas and linking up with Draw With Me over at This Mummy Loves.

So this year I think Wild Daughter will really get Christmas… she is asking every day if Father Christmas is here whenever there is a knock at the door.

For our drawing we chose Gingerbread Men as something quite Christmasey.

I drew Gingerbread Men and she decorated Shoes and Buttons (her choice).


Plus a Christmas tree that she decorated with baubles.

The glorious picture was promptly scrunched up, put into a silver bowl and became soup which I had to eat. Oh I love her blossoming imagination ๐Ÿ™‚




Draw With Me – Toys

Since moving into a house with much more room… a living room, a play room and a conservatory to do things like painting and playdoh.. I have noticed her doing less drawing. In our previous house we had 1 really quite small living room off the kitchen in which ALL the toys came out. The crayons were always in easy reach and she spent so much time every day without fail colouring or drawing “letters” as she called them. But she doesn’t seem to do it at all these days, even though I have got her a little table to sit at and do this now. Perhaps what entertains her has shifted recently – she does a lot of imaginary play such as acting out Goldilocks with 3 Teddy Bears and some bowls or going on a bear hunt… but perhaps it is the set up in the new house to blame. Now we are out of the settling in period it is time for me to focus a bit more on encouraging her once again, it really was one of her favorite activities. That’s why I am loving the Draw With Me challenge on This Mummy Loves.


This November the Draw With Me challenge was Toys.

This meant Wild Daughter and I got down to do some drawing together with the theme Toys. Wild Daughter has watched Toy Story for the first time this week so we/I chose this as inspiration.


I asked her to draw Woody from Toy Story and she did. She drew a big round for the body… some squiggles either side she said were hands and some at the bottom she said were feet. The first time I have seen her actively drawing people. I was suitably impressed, although she didn’t draw a head but we are getting there (apologies about the mobile phone snaps).



Home-made paint and lid printing

Slide1I finally took the plunge to do painting at home

so preparing the area with a throw cloth,

preparing Wild Daughter with a coverall apron,

preparing her requested pink and purple paints,


preparing her lids for printing in the style of Mr Maker,


I let her loose ๐Ÿ™‚



I made my home-made paint to see if I could get a good edible paint that will enable both advanced painting and smearing all over Wild Son so he can soon get in on the action too.

Home-made paint;

Plain Flour (aprox. 250g)

teaspoon salt

teaspoon baking powder

mix the above ingredients and gradually add water to whisk up a thick (but pourable batter).

add food colouring to taste

microwave 15-30secs to puff the paint up a little bit

I made far too much for the painting session as all was required was a small splodge in a tray.


So I went a step further the day after and we did printing with carrot-tops cut into shapes.



The batter like paint (which didn’t really puff well in my old microwave that doesn’t turn) worked lovely for squidgy printing. There are lots of recipes out there to get it just rightย  (search microwave puffy paint) but even throwing it together in the manner I did worked a treat. It dried quite flaky so isn’t for long lasting pictures but as her pictures are not really keepers this was fine for us… and I quite liked the grainy like appearance it gave when it dried. We will be doing this again.



A Mummy post-Cancer

I had the Big C! I don’t think about it much. Except I might today.

Today it is 7 years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 29.

Back then I didn’t know what the future held, whether I would ever get to experience holding my own baby in my arms, let alone become a mummy to 2 special beautiful children.

But I did, and I love every single special moment of it.


I used to blog before this, in the days of my breast cancer as a means of letting all my friends and family know how I was getting along with stuff. I don’t go over there much these days, but I decided to write another update;


So I am writing next weeks Magic Moment post today. 7 years on from Breast Cancer.

This is my magic moment. Right now. Sitting here watching my children giggle and play. No picture…. no camera lens, I am just soaking it up with my eyes (filled with a little sneaky tear of happiness)

This post is linked up to magic moments on theoliversmadhouse.co.uk

This post is linked up to magic moments on theoliversmadhouse.co.uk


Let Baking Commence

Back in the early days with Wild Daughter I got really into my baking and cake decorating, so much so I baked and blogged over at wildaboutbaking.wordpress.com. Then she became a Toddler, I became pregnant, pregnancy became Wild Son and Mummy got a bit busy and poor old wildaboutbaking got neglected.

Well, time to put that right… now she can get involved too, surely now there will be time for baking once more.

Let baking commence….

We begin with Chocolate Rice Krispie Cakes ๐Ÿ™‚


1. Put on Gruffalo Tabard Apron and mix Rice Krispies into melted chocolate.


2. Place mixture into paper cases (this was the easy bit, persuading her not to put it there via her mouth first took a little work).


Yes, now you can eat it.


We all know this is the best bit


They work very well with a nice glass of milk

Success!ย  I only had to slightly detour from convention by putting them in the cold oven to “cook” so that she wouldn’t eat them all straight away. Next time I think we will work up to proper oven based biscuit baking.